Who We Are, How We Started

10501718_691397457642513_2310433734711257737_nHello there and welcome aboard! Thanks so
much for stopping by. At Willoughby Wonders, we create upcycled, beach-inspired and coastal décor for those whose hearts are tide to the shores. Willoughby Wonders grew out of the long walks my daughter and I took (and still enjoy) on the beach. As she and I collected items – seaglass, shells, driftwood, etc., we began to display them in my home. Driftwood soon became shelves, and the shelves soon became adorned with the items we gathered each weekend. We both enjoy art shows together and it’s exciting to see her mature as a young artist as the business grows.puppydrum_sep2012_2a

My blogging objectives include:

  1. Staying in touch with our customers, followers, and friends. Feeling the heartbeat of my customer base is of prime importance. I want to remain accessible to them and engage with them in dialogue. If they have ideas, I want to hear them. If they have issues, I want to fix them. If they have praises, I want to thank them for their generosity. Feedback is always welcome here!
  2. Sharing my work. “Give them something for free.” I believe in generosity and sharing what I know with others. I want my readers and followers to be able to leave this forum with something they may not have had when they came. I plan to post tutorials of my projects with images for each step as well as a short description. If a reader is interested in doing what I do, I would like them to be able to find that here.
  3. Sharing my experiences. I plan on sharing my personal experiences with the tools I use. What are the characteristics? What are the pros? The cons? And how does it rate on a five-star scale based on my experience? Similar to a customer review on Amazon, the purpose of writing these is to provide a well rounded summary of my experiences with my equipment so that my readers can make an informed decision on a possible purchase.

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